As a member of the Executive Committee, the decisions you make on behalf of your lot owners can be significant, in terms of the cover that you arrange, whether it is compliant with state strata laws, or simply whether you are overpaying. Each and every decision you make impacts the lives of others.

LET us help make it easy for you with strata insurance quotes

At Strata Insurance Quotes we work with all the Major Strata Insurers including the following insurer quotes:

  • CHU STRATA Insurance Quotes

  • Strata Community Insurance Quotes

  • Longitude Insurance Quotes

  • Axis Underwriting Insurance Quotes


  • QUS Insurance Quotes

and many more to ensure you get quotes to Compare the Strata Insurance Market.

We make it easy for you to report back to your fellow committee members by providing you with advice on which insurer we beleive would best suit your strata plan along with a series of comparison quotes which allow you to compare the security of the insurer, cover they provide, the property damage excess(es) and premiums.

It doesnt matter whether you are a 2 or 3 townhouse strata or an apartment block. From City Centers and Suburban Blocks, through to Rural and Regional Strata, we have a team of brokers capable of serving you.

As an Insurance Broker, we act as your representative or agent, not the insurers. 

We also beleive in honesty and transparency, so we also disclose to you the amount of commissions and fees that we will earn through each quotation to ensure that there are no hidden commissions or fees, allowing you to be the judge on whether we truly act in your best interest as we claim to do.

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